Misandry in Hollywood

Fox News has recently brought up an important issue in Hollywood: misandry. It’s easy to see how Disney movies like Frozen emasculate men: it’s a female-led movie with an engaging narrative, and female characters with fully developed relationships outside of romance. The nerve! For Fox News’ Steve Doocy and Penny Nance the real stickler is how men are depicted as unsympathetic villains and comic relief in these kinds of movies. It’s a real problem in Hollywood, pigeon-holing characters because of their gender.

The “Frozen” Effect is problematic for representations of realistic male characters. These kinds of movies empower female protagonists at the expense of men’s masculinity. Boys should see Strong Male Characters depicted in every movie, including genres specifically targeted to girls. As Penny says, “we want to raise heroes”. It can be emotionally damaging for boys to see men represented as supporting characters. It affects their self-esteem and how they interact with girls. Men are only depicted as fathers, brothers, sons and love interests. These roles turn them into stereotypes and tropes that are recycled again and again. For example, the House Husband trope presents a man who is better at doing chores and running a household than his wife. These kinds of tropes are harmful for boys (and girls) to see because it represents men as “less manly” and unable to “provide” for his family because he’s a stay-at-home dad. We can’t let boys think their masculinity is impotent in female-led movies.

Hollywood has turned into a girl’s club. This is misandry.

Comic creditRobot Hugs